With some people working more than 60 hours a week, most employers are more concerned about consistent productivity and quality. The best way to make this happen is coming up with a strategy that would keep the employees productive despite spending more of their weekly hours in their offices or companies. Employers who look forward to having healthy, happy and productive employees come up with several effective corporate wellness programs. The main challenge in most instances is making the employees participate in the programs happily. To boost the employees’ engagement into the wellness program, the employer should:

Make the program interesting

Motivation in such programs increases with having the senior management, friends and close business partners in the wellness program. Nothing would really make the employer happy than seeing almost everyone in the company being involved in the corporate wellness program. If you want to engage and recruit those who are out of your reach, you should introduce cost-effective and captivating social incentives. Social incentives help the employers to set employees in teams for public recognition, friendly competition, accountability, social support and altruistic opportunities. Click here A Higher Self

Use social power

The wellness program involves coming up with fitness activities to boost the health and productivity of your employees. Once the employer decides to exercise, it becomes easier for the employees to join them. You may say this is intuitive, but it’s a powerful force that works. Improving the overall health of your employees requires you to have a little imagination and deep insight. You could also involve some of the wellness champions you know in your Sydney corporate wellness programs.

Report, track and update

Most people like comparing their efforts and returns with those of their neighbors or competitors. This enables them to know how they compare and identify what they can do to increase chances of accomplishing their goals. If walking is the wellness activity of your choice, let the employees or participants know the average steps each is expected to walk that day. You can access the available data to help you show average day walk per age group, gender, and worksite. With the form of corporate wellness Sydney has today, it’s possible to have employees work for many hours a week without distorting quality and productivity.

Keep it simple

Many people get lost in the details even when it isn’t their wish to do so. It is possible especially if presentations, documents, and emails are involved. Any employer or company owner won’t break through the noise if the message they are communicating is complex. If you want most of the employees and other willing people to participate in your wellness program, the message should be clear and call to action should be consistent. It would be even better if your corporate wellness program would appeal on an emotional level.

If the company’s CEO or director embraces the above strategies, involving all the employees in a 5-kilometer jog in any corporate location won’t be a problem. Increasing productivity in your company and employee’s fitness requires such simple, yet, effective strategies. If you have used a similar program severally now, you can find corporate wellness programs that are new to your employees with higher levels of excitement.